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When visiting Jamaica’s beautiful Ocho Rios make sure you take some time out of your vacationing, water sporting, fun in the sun, and exciting nightlife partying to visit the Bob Marley Nine Miles.

You will get the true sense of what Bob Marley was about,learn of his birth, life as a musician and his death.

Nine Miles is a community that helped shape the life and career of one of the most famous musicians of all time.

Nine Mile,St Ann, Home Of Bob Marley

Nine Mile,St Ann, Home Of Bob Marley. Image by Jamaica Travel today

The quaint village of Nine Mile is nestled high in magnificent mountains of St. Ann, and serves not only as the birthplace of the legendary Reggae King (1945), but also where he was laid to rest in 1981.

Marley fans all over the world,have described the Nine Mile experience as one that allowed them to get more in touch with the musician’s roots.

When visiting Nine Miles be prepared for a lot of marijuana smoking as this is a part of the Rasta’s ritual and remembered those cookies aren’t Hershey’s cookies.

Nine Miles is rich in history about the late Bob Marley and Marley fans will no doubt feel a closeness to the Jamaican reggae star and have a greater understand the depths of his music.

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