Jakes Hotel Where to stay on Jamaica’s Southside

Jakes Hotel is a gem on the south side of the island. This boutique hotel offers a true Jamaican ambiance. Located on the treasure beach, St Elizabeth this charming property is an ideal vacation stop. Located off the tourist’s track in a relaxed setting. Not the typical luxurious hotel in Jamaica nonetheless the experience is unforgettable. The services are excellent. The spacious grounds allow you to lounge comfortably.

Jakes Hotel
Treasure Beach St Elizabeth
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Jakes colorful villas and friendly staff is a plus, there’s a sense of warm hospitality. This laid back boutique gives you a taste of real Jamaica. Peaceful with the most colorful villas.

The property is great for couples and family. However, mosquitos can be a bother. All the rooms have nets but bring your repellant with you. Jakes have no beaches but the Jack Sprat beach is about 5 minutes walk away. Secluded and spacious enough for the kids to run around. The colorful villa with their funky fun styles gives a sense of comfort.

The property has a restaurant that serves up the most delicious Jamaican meals.
Get a cold red stripe and lounge. Dougie special rum punch or if you’re in the cocktail vibe.
For wellness and total relaxation

Wedding at Jakes Hotel
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