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Negril Jamaica

so you’re planning your vacation now? How about a trip to Jamaica? This tiny island with its warm people and diverse culture is the ideal vacation destination.

There is so much offered to keep you upbeat and relaxed no matter what time of year you visit. The Caribbean sun, exotic food, beautiful beaches, and Caribbean vibes, in other words, relaxation in paradise!

There is endless attraction sites site to visit. White sand beaches and waterfalls.

Walks along the seven miles beach in Negril. Experience the beauty of the blue Caribbean sea and soak in the marvelous view of the sunset.

Negril is about an hour drive from the tourist resort city of Montego Bay and is well worth the trip. The beaches in Negril is one of Jamaica’s most famous attractions and you will see why.

Negril Bay also offers plenty of activities, always something exciting to do. Tuns of water sports, like, snorkeling, scuba, kayaking or go for boat rides.

For relaxation, you can lay on the sandy beach and sip your favorite cocktail or enjoy some coconut water. In addition, you can enjoy some of the best jerk and sip a cold red stripe beer at the local restaurants in the bay.

Ricks Cafe’ Negril
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Reach Falls

In the breathtaking lush parish of Portland Reach Falls awaits you! This beautiful cascading waterfall welcomes all the nature lovers to indulge.

Crystal clear blue waters and warm staff are always ready to assists. The location is a perfect family or group attraction site and there are areas available to have a picnic.

Reach Falls Portland jamaica
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The tour takes you on a little history tour of caves and adventure. Your tour guides are more than willing to accompany you on your rocky footpath to the underground caves.

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