Adventurous things to do in Jamaica

Jamaica has so much to offer, let’s take a stroll off the beaten track of this gem of an island. There is much more to Jamaica than beaches and resorts. Let’s take an adventurous trip and explore another stunning side of the island.

Another interesting part of the trip is the coffee plantation tour. Coffee lover looks forward to this. Explore the coffee walks! Enjoy the refreshing mountain breeze!sip on freshly brewed coffee! Whether you do you tour in groups or solo, its worth it.

The Blue Mountains
Hiking or bike riding in the blue mountains is one the most challenging excursions and is great for the fit and nature-loving person. Jamaica is the third-largest island in the Caribbean and the Blue Mountain is its highest point (2,256 metres)! Hikers love this adventurous trip, not to mention the spectacular view. The weather tends to change suddenly in these parts so be advised to take along some rain gears.

Bicycle tour in the Blue Mountains Jamaica

Pelican Bar
This one of a kind bar location is simply fascinating!without hesitation one of the best things to do in Jamaica. Floyd’s Pelican bar is built about a mile from shore in the middle of the ocean. It matters not where you are on the island, having a red stripe beer or rum punch at Floyd’s Pelican Bar is a must!

No doubt this unique location is one of Black Rivers gem. The rickety-looking bar built on stilts receives visitors by boatloads daily. Everyone enjoys lobster drinks and dominoes games. Definitely rated as the #1 chill spot on the island.

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